TV Zone (www.tvzone.co.in)is in the endeavour of streaming many TV Channel  live telecast on Smart Phones in single app. More channels are being added regularly. Live telecast will be available anywhere in the world through Mobile Phones . This App is absolutely FREE to use. App currently provides access to FTA (Free to Air) TV channels through the satellite . TV Zone is a start up, operating from  Infopark, Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala, India. We are striving to add as many TV Channels as possible to our list in the days to come. We officially enter into contracts with TV Channels for streaming their contents through our network.  We do not stream any Channel without authority or permission.  TV Zone is aiming at providing LIVE  contents from TV Channels to our viewers. All efforts have been taken to ensure smooth streaming on all networks, including 2G, though 2G may experience delay and latency due to its native low bandwidth. We request all our viewers to use good quality internet connection on their mobile phones to ensure flawless streaming of videos.

Why Sign up?

Sign up is required for us to help you personalize this app for future; to keep your favorite videos, organize alerts, customize notifications, possible intimations for suggested videos, so on an so forth. Watch all channel live  shows anywhere around the world.  . We will never misuse your personal information.


TV Zone is a single App that can carry numerous TV Channels in it. Viewers can select and watch their favorite TV Channels that are being added on a regular basis.  Viewers can select languages.

If you are going anywhere in the world and you have a internet connection and device, there is no need to miss any of the program  because TV Zone has it all here for you.

TV Zone works well on normal internet connection. Any internet connected smart phone (Android OS version 4.1+ onwards, Ios version 7.1 + onwards) is good enough for TV Zone to stream TV contents.

 Efforts are taken to ensure smooth streaming. TV ZONE is available for iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets). Your device needs to have iOS version 7.0 or higher, Android OS version 4.1 or higher to enjoy TV ZONE. . It will not support in Android TV.

Quality of videos depend on the speed of the internet connection. 

TV Zone has a simple and intuitive home page to select LIVE TV shows.

Please write feedbacks to feedback@tvzone.co.in